Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Custom Bag For Laura

Hi Laura,

Here are a few pics of your bag in progress. I am just waiting for my order of interfacing to arrive and I can start assembling the bag! Your fabric choices look awesome together, very good choices.

 Back Panel
(Front Panel looks the same but will have the pocket sewn onto it)

Front panel with pocket laid on it

 Straps for the handles

 Pieces laid out, the green is to be the lining

These are the little straps for the side ties and button loop

I do hope you enjoyed the little peek into the parts of the bag. I will try to remember as I am assembling it, to snap some pictures to add to this blog post. Thank you for the custom order, I am totally loving these two fabrics together!



Laura said...

Can I have it now?

Rambling Rha said...

LOL Just saw this comment... I think you might want it put together right? hehe

Laura said...

Yeah I want it put together silly. I'm super excited!!